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CryptoGames株式会社は、Animoca Brands 、マネックスグループ株式会社、double jump.tokyo株式会社、株式会社モバイルファクトリー、計4社を引受先とする第三者割当増資により、資金調達を実施したことをお知らせいたします。






また、今回さらなる事業加速と組織拡大に向けた経営体制の強化のため、CTO、技術顧問のポジションを新設し、CTOに同社ブロックチェーンエンジニアの山浦雄太氏、技術顧問にdouble jump.tokyo株式会社 CTO 満足亮氏が就任したことをお知らせいたします。



■満足亮氏 プロフィール

2018年6月double jump.tokyoへ入社。2020年7月より同社CTO。 インフラ設計運用、サーバーサイド開発、SmartContract開発、ブロックチェーン技術調査を担当。


代表取締役:小澤 孝太

Notice of funding implementation. We are aiming for further business expansion by creating synergies with operating companies.

CryptoGames inc. is pleased to announce that we have raised funds through a third-party allotment of shares underwritten by Animoca Brands , Monex Group, Inc. double jump.tokyo inc.  and Mobile Factory, Inc.

<Purpose of raising funds>

Since its establishment in April 2018, CryptoGames Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the blockchain x entertainment field business utilizing NFT.

In the blockchain game “CryptoSpells” of our own IP released in June 2019, sales in the first month exceeded 900 ETH, and in June 2020, it was broadcast on TV as our first commercial. In March 2021, we released “NFT Studio”, which allows illustrators to easily publish NFTs for free, and the number of registered creators exceeded 1000, making it the largest NFT market in Japan. In addition, we are working on the OEM business of NFT shops for businesses by utilizing the knowledge we have learned by engaging in the NFT business for 3 years. We are working to create various NFT use cases.

By raising funds from four operating companies this time, we will create synergies with each company in the NFT / blockchain business and contribute to further business and market expansion.

<Change of management system>

In addition, we have newly established two positions, CTO and technical advisor, in order to further accelerate the business and strengthen the management system for organizational expansion. We are pleased to announce that Yuta Yamaura, a blockchain engineer of the company, has been appointed as CTO, and Ryo Manzoku, CTO of double jump.tokyo Co., Ltd., has been appointed as a technical advisor.

■Yuta Yamaura Profile

Mr. Yamaura has participated in a number of financial system development projects at an IT contracting company. He has been in charge of training for new recruits.

After being a heavy user of Cryptospells, he joined CryptoGames Inc. in June 2019. He is in charge of applications using blockchain technology, infrastructure, and server side in general.

■Ryo Sakurai Profile

After working for a social game company and an EdTech app company, he was in charge of infrastructure and SRE.

 He joined double jump.tokyo in June 2018 and has been the CTO since July 2020. He is in charge of infrastructure design and operation, server-side development, SmartContract development, and blockchain technology research.

<Company Profile>

Company name:CryptoGames Co.,Ltd 
Established:April 20, 2018
Capital:73 million yen
CEO:Kota Ozawa
Business: Operation of blockchain game “CryptoSpells”, development and operation of  NFT service

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